City of Albuquerque Downtown Dynamic Parking Pricing Plan

ABQ Parking Meter


City of Albuquerque Councilman Isaac Benton is proposing the setting aside of funds for the city’s Department of Municipal Development to undertake a study of downtown parking issues in determining whether a Parking Benefits District (PBD) in Downtown Albuquerque would be viable. David Silverman, of Geltmore, LLC., projected that use of this PBD concept could spread to Uptown and Nob Hill, both areas that have a potential for dense commercial development.

A PBD utilizes Dynamic Pricing, whereby the price to park is commensurate with the popularity of tearing spot. Parking in a well-used spot would be more expensive than parking in a little-used one. Drivers would be able to use a smartphone application to filter available parking, check prices and add time to meters. A portion of the revenue collected from this parking system would be used toward making the Downtown area more attractive to visitors. The plan, if implemented could take two years to complete.

(Source: KRQE>2016/02/22>new-idea-could-overhaul-parking-in-downtown-albuquerque)

Author: webeditor