Heroes Walk Among Us: Gifts for Families

Heroes Walk Among Us - Gifts For Families


HWAU’S Gifts for Families

Every year at Christmas time we ask our members to help us with 5 to 10 Veteran families with clothes and gifts for them and their children.
Please see the list below…
Warm clothes for the winter: sweaters, warm pants, socks, hats, gloves, snow suit, etc
Age appropriate gifts (toys) are appreciated.

1st,  16 month old,  18-24 months, shoes – she’s a size 5.
2nd,  4 month old,  3-6 month old clothes
3rd,  7 year old,   7-8 size pants
1st,  11 year old, 14-16 size shirts, 14 slim pants, size 6 shoes.
2nd, 10 year old, 14-16 sized shirts, 14 slim pants, size 5.5 shoes.
3rd,  2 year old, 7T shirts, 2/3T pants, size 6T shoes.
4th,  12 year old, size12 shoes, size12 pants, size 10 shirts.
5th,   11year old,  11/12 pants,

Bring all cloths to our office:

When:  Monday thru Friday  9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Where:  6601 4th Street Nw, Suite G, Albuquerque Nm 87107.
Contact us (505) 217-2230

Visit the Heros Walk Among Us website

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