Public Notice: Permit Application #3313 for Signet Development in Bernalillo County, NM

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Subject: Public Notice of Permit Application #3313 for Signet Development in Bernalillo County, NM
Dear Neighborhood Association/Coalition Representatives,

Why did I receive this public notice?

You are a designated representative of a recognized neighborhood association or neighborhood coalition within one-half mile of the facility listed in an air quality permit application. The enclosed Public Notice is scheduled for publication in the Albuquerque Journal on April 26, 2017.

What is the Air Quality Permit application review process?

The City of Albuquerque, Environmental Health Department, Air Quality Program (Program) is responsible for the review and issuance of Air Quality Permits for any stationary source of air contaminants within Bernalillo County. The Program reviews each application and rules it either complete or incomplete.  Complete applications go through a 30-day public comment period. The Program will hold a Public Information Hearing only if the Director determines there is significant public interest and a significant air quality issue is involved.

What do I need to know about this application?

Application 3313
Ruled Complete April 19, 2017
Owner Signet Development
Location 101 Broadway Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87102
Summary The application is requesting to contruct one new 145 horsepower, Environmenntal Protection Agengy emission certified, diesel fired internal combustion engine coupled to a 60 kilowatt emergency electrical generator to provide back up electric power to the Signet Development Lobo Rainforest @ Innovate building during electric utility outages.  The purpose of the unit is to provide emergency backup electrical power in the case of the unavoidable loss of commercial power.  Signet Development is requesting an annual operating limit of 500 hours per year for the new engine.
Comment Period April 26, 2017 through May 26, 2017

How do I participate in the Public Comment process?

You may do any, or all, of the following: ·         Submit written comments on the application

·         Request a Public Information Hearing

Comments or requests must be submitted in writing.

Deadline May 26, 2017
E-mail Isreal Tavarez at
Mailing Address Albuquerque Environmental Health Department

Air Quality Program – Permitting Division

PO Box 1293

Albuquerque, NM 87103

Questions Isreal Tavarez at 505-768-1965




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