Fredrick “Fred” Williams

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Fredrick “Fred” Williams
Board Member/Founding Father

A Native New Mexican born in Santa Fe. He started working at a very young age selling newspapers for The New Mexican. Very active in his community, with Boy Scouts in the drum & bugle corp. Maintenance Engineer for Albuquerque Job Corp. for 15 years, Service Tech. for Sears for 10 years.

Fred has lived in downtown Albuquerque for 10 years. Fred wanted to make a difference in his neighborhood and helped revive the Downtown area & bring the heartbeat of Albuquerque back.

Fred co founded the Silver Platinum Downtown Neighborhood Association (SPDNA) and was unanimously voted as the 1st Secretary of SPDNA.

Fred is retired now & enjoys his time walking his dog downtown Albuquerque & in the Bosque.

Fred’s never ending love for his Family, community, friends and Downtown Albuquerque will benefit New Mexico for decades & generations.

Fred enjoys people watching and says downtown is a circus and zoo all rolled into one, a great place to live and visit.