Our Team

Ronald “RC” Casias, President

Ron “RC” Casias has volunteered most of his life, on air personality for Kanw 89.1 FM, AM 1600, KLYT FM, EAGLE 98.1 & 98.7 FM. Emcee/DJ for various fundraising events car shows, dances helping New Mexicans with cancer, funerals, housing and injuries and more. Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Zapata Club, NM Law Enforcement Agencies, Military, Veterans, VFW, American Legions, DAV functions, MS, Breast Cancer, Tixs for Kids, Special Spaces and more.

Most recent philanthropic/humanitarian mission; helping Neighbors help Neighbors (SPDNA) and People helping more People with the 2nd Annual Peoples Festival coming to Downtown ABQ. Visit the Peoples Festival website for more details.

RC, a fun experienced professional mobile DJ/MC for all occasions, over 39 years entertaining & helping NM Families and the great Southwest with his many voices and smooth style. Creating lifetime friends & family memories for years. (Coming Back Soon…)

People sometimes do not remember what you said or did for them, however they will always remember how you made them feel.

Leonard “Lennie” Morin, Board Member/Founder

Lennie born & raised in Massachusetts joined the US Air Force one year after high school. He traveled the States & England during his service.

Lennie moved to Florida for 40 years and worked various jobs including Administrative assistant, cosmetologist as well as other trades

Lennie moved to New Mexico in 2007 and enjoys his Senior years in downtown Albuquerque. Lennie is master craftsman and creates crafts beautiful needle crafts.

Lennie co-founded SPDNA knowing he will make a positive difference in his community and help his neighbors & mankind.

Lennie a humanitarian, philanthropist and an asset to his community!

Fredrick “Fred” Williams, Board Member/Founding Father

A Native New Mexican born in Santa Fe. He started working at a very young age selling newspapers for The New Mexican. Very active in his community, with Boy Scouts in the drum & bugle corp. Maintenance Engineer for Albuquerque Job Corp. for 15 years, Service Tech. for Sears for 10 years.

Fred has lived in downtown Albuquerque for 10 years. Fred wanted to make a difference in his neighborhood and helped revive the Downtown area & bring the heartbeat of Albuquerque back.

Fred co founded the Silver Platinum Downtown Neighborhood Association (SPDNA) and was unanimously voted as the 1st Secretary of SPDNA.

Fred is retired now & enjoys his time walking his dog downtown Albuquerque & in the Bosque.

Fred’s never ending love for his Family, community, friends and Downtown Albuquerque will benefit New Mexico for decades & generations.

Fred enjoys people watching and says downtown is a circus and zoo all rolled into one, a great place to live and visit.

Regina Weeks, Treasurer

Regina Weeks – a Kansas City Missouri Native moved to Albuquerque in 1986. In 1999 Regina relocated to Massachusetts to earn a degree in Social Work. Regina describes herself as, “a catalyst for change” and highlights her experience as follows:

While living in Massachusetts I earned a Bachelor Degree in Social Work at Salem State University. During this time, I had the opportunity to work in various social service agencies, to include “Women’s View Residential Program, a Woman’s Safe House, and the Essex County Sheriff’s Department’s Women in Transition Program”. Upon graduation and after applying for licensure, I took off running as a Licensed Social Worker – advocating for children, young adults, and families involved with the Department of Family Services. I also volunteered as an acting Board Member of The LINK HOUSE Inc. For a period of one year with a focus on fund raising and community events.

In 2011, Regina returned home to Albuquerque to be closer family. Regina became a SPDNA member at large in October 2015. In April 2017 the Regina was voted in and accepted the position of Treasurer and looks forward to being a collaborator on the full board of SPDNA.

Jerry Watkins, Sergeant at Arms

Jerry Watkins born & raised in Albuquerque.
Jerry is one of the founding members of Silver Platinum Downtown Neighborhood Association (SPDNA).
Jerry has been instrumental with the growth and community projects of SPDNA.
He also is passionate and works very hard to ensure the safety & revitalization of Downtown Albuquerque.

Mike Sullivan, Member At-Large

A proud Army Veteran, born and native of Texas. Mike is one of the founding members of Silver Platinum Downtown Neighborhood Association (SPDNA).

Mike very knowledgeable and very helpful with the growth and community projects of SPDNA benefiting Downtown ABQ businesses and residents. He also works very hard to ensure the safety & revitalization of Downtown Albuquerque where he lives.

Willy Simon, Secretary

Willy Simon was born and raised in downtown Albuquerque. At 18, he left Albuquerque to pursue an undergraduate education in Vancouver, Canada, then moved to Dublin, Ireland for a Masters in Sustainable Development. After completing his education Willy returned home to live close to family.

Willy is passionate about sustainable urbanism and currently works as a transportation planner for Mid-Region Metropolitan Planning Organization.

Willy is particularly interested in the issue of walkability and is excited to contribute his efforts towards making downtown a better place to live.

Charles M Aragon, Vice President

My vision for a vibrant downtown dates back when I was growing up. Raised in a strong political family involved with the influence of “For the People”. I love Downtown ABQ and Barelas. My grandparents live on 9th and Iron. My mother and I own a house on Lomas and 8th St. in the heart of downtown ABQ.

I specialize in entertainment productions, hospitality and tourism. In 2007 I was recognized as Downtown Albuquerque’s Hospitality Ambassador. Economic growth and development in downtown Albuquerque is imperative considering the challenges facing these neighborhoods.

My vision of Downtown Albuquerque’s future is a flourishing one. Where families, tourists, residents and businesses feel safe and look forward to attending family events, community and nightlife entertainment.

Charles M. Aragon

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