Our Team

Ronald “RC” Casias, President

Ron “RC” Casias has volunteered most of his life, on air personality for Kanw 89.1 FM, AM 1600, KLYT FM, EAGLE 98.1 & 98.7 FM. Emcee/DJ for various fundraising events car shows, dances helping New Mexicans with cancer, funerals, housing and injuries and more. Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Zapata Club, NM Law Enforcement Agencies, Military, Veterans, VFW, American Legions, DAV functions, MS, Breast Cancer, Tixs for Kids, Special Spaces and more.

Most recent philanthropic/humanitarian mission; helping Neighbors help Neighbors (SPDNA) and People helping more People with the 2nd Annual Peoples Festival coming to Downtown ABQ. Visit the Peoples Festival website for more details.

RC, a fun experienced professional mobile DJ/MC for all occasions, over 39 years entertaining & helping NM Families and the great Southwest with his many voices and smooth style. Creating lifetime friends & family memories for years. (Coming Back Soon…)

People sometimes do not remember what you said or did for them, however they will always remember how you made them feel.

Fredrick “Fred” Williams, Board Member/Founding Father

A Native New Mexican born in Santa Fe. He started working at a very young age selling newspapers for The New Mexican. Very active in his community, with Boy Scouts in the drum & bugle corp. Maintenance Engineer for Albuquerque Job Corp. for 15 years, Service Tech. for Sears for 10 years.

Fred has lived in downtown Albuquerque for 10 years. Fred wanted to make a difference in his neighborhood and helped revive the Downtown area & bring the heartbeat of Albuquerque back.

Fred co founded the Silver Platinum Downtown Neighborhood Association (SPDNA) and was unanimously voted as the 1st Secretary of SPDNA.

Fred is retired now & enjoys his time walking his dog downtown Albuquerque & in the Bosque.

Fred’s never ending love for his Family, community, friends and Downtown Albuquerque will benefit New Mexico for decades & generations.

Fred enjoys people watching and says downtown is a circus and zoo all rolled into one, a great place to live and visit.

Jerry Watkins, Sergeant at Arms

Jerry Watkins born & raised in Albuquerque.
Jerry is one of the founding members of Silver Platinum Downtown Neighborhood Association (SPDNA).
Jerry has been instrumental with the growth and community projects of SPDNA.
He also is passionate and works very hard to ensure the safety & revitalization of Downtown Albuquerque.

Willy Simon, Secretary

Willy Simon was born and raised in downtown Albuquerque. At 18, he left Albuquerque to pursue an undergraduate education in Vancouver, Canada, then moved to Dublin, Ireland for a Masters in Sustainable Development. After completing his education Willy returned home to live close to family.

Willy is passionate about sustainable urbanism and currently works as a transportation planner for Mid-Region Metropolitan Planning Organization.

Willy is particularly interested in the issue of walkability and is excited to contribute his efforts towards making downtown a better place to live.

Charles M Aragon, Vice President

My vision for a vibrant downtown dates back when I was growing up. Raised in a strong political family involved with the influence of “For the People”. I love Downtown ABQ and Barelas. My grandparents live on 9th and Iron. My mother and I own a house on Lomas and 8th St. in the heart of downtown ABQ.

I specialize in entertainment productions, hospitality and tourism. In 2007 I was recognized as Downtown Albuquerque’s Hospitality Ambassador. Economic growth and development in downtown Albuquerque is imperative considering the challenges facing these neighborhoods.

My vision of Downtown Albuquerque’s future is a flourishing one. Where families, tourists, residents and businesses feel safe and look forward to attending family events, community and nightlife entertainment.

Charles M. Aragon

Leon Garcia,

He was born and raised in Albuquerque New Mexico, Leon Garcia is an advocate for his city. A culturally diverse individual who loves his community and gives glory to the Living God for all that He has blessed Albuquerque with. Yes, he is a servant of the Most High God who has given those who are call the ability to make a change in the world. He is enrolled into schools legal program with Blackstone College online to become a paralegal as he aspires to a political office to pursue a major role in the government to be a voice for the people. He loves this city and the people thereof. He has a passion to advocate for the hard-working individuals who day in and day out give their all for their survival. His passion extends to the future generations of this beautiful city.

We must be in one accord to bless the future generations with a city with clean streets, clean living environments, and potentially clean energy. Of course the whole is a platform for change but we must first start at home.

He is honored to be working with Ron Casias RC and honored to be a voice for the voiceless.

Consuelo “Connie” Gutierrez,

Born, raised and living in New Mexico and blessed to live in the Central Downtown Corridor.

Her vision and passion for revitalizing downtown Albuquerque is a never ending journey!

She is looking forward to working with Silver Platinum Downtown Neighborhood Association (SPDNA), downtown corridor residents, organizations, downtown neighborhood associations, governments, law enforcement agencies, businesses, tourism, Alvarado Transportation Center.

Welcoming all who visit the new Central Downtown Albuquerque for New Mexico & the World to enjoy!

“All the joys that love can give
As long as there is life to live
A peaceful mind to give you rest
And angels on your pillow.”

Rob & Kelly Ortman (Silver Street Market), Member At-Large

Rob Ortman and his wife Kelly are the owners of Silver Street Market.  He was born and raised in Albuquerque.  Before graduating from Valley High School, he completed his Eagle Scout project for Central United Methodist Church.

Rob has two certificates from TVI (now called CNM) in business and a 4-year Diesel Mechanics program.

After spending 10 years in the restaurant business, he has spent the last 28 years in the grocery business.

He is looking forward to serving the people of Albuquerque any way he can.


Cecilia Schmider (Maya Cuisine), Member At-Large

Native New Mexican going back 5 generations. Received a bachelors degree in Communication Disorders and a Masters in Speech Language Pathology. Worked for Albuquerque Public Schools, owned a Gallery in Old town and now co-owner of Maya Cuisine, located in Imperial Building downtown. Was a member of Junior League of Albuquerque.

I look forward to being apart of revitalizing downtown. When I was a young girl, downtown was busily with stores and families walking around with their families. It would be nice to see that again and be part of that growth.


[- Other Board Members At Large -],

  • Umut Kokangul, Anatolia