Press Release: Reviving Downtown Albuquerque Video & Police District Update


Silver Platinum Downtown Neighborhood Association (SPDNA)

Mayor Keller is working on a police initiative however he promised a police district for Downtown Albuquerque. (see attached video link above)

Thanks to Mayor Keller, APD’s Deputy Chief Harold Medina, Commander Wesley & Lt. Ray Delgreco for all your expert and tireless help & support!

No more time to wait. The “a few months away” projected by the Mayor is not economically feasible or this delayed plan feasible for the immediate safety of several thousand people who live, work, visit or play in downtown Albuquerque!

Downtown Residents, business owners/workers, 50k+ workers commuting daily, Amtrak, Greyhound Bus, Rail Runner and ABQ Ride all home to a major transportation hub in Downtown Albuquerque can NOT afford to wait any longer for an immediate presence of APD officers, mobile cameras, 24 hour monitoring real time crime cameras, bike & horse patrol.

Silver Street Market plagued daily with constant theft by homeless, criminals and prisoners dropped off in downtown after release from jail.

If the Mayor truly believes, “Getting a handle on public safety in our downtown area is key to the whole city’s success…” then it is important to know that SPDNA hears the voices of many residents, workers and businesses downtown and demands immediate action from the Mayor & APD!

We understand that this alone will not fix everything, however it should be clear by now that if any other businesses leave, tourist resists, resident declares downtown to dangerous to live in, or more homeless are dropped off here with negative or no intentions, then the area faces serious deficit in taxes and an increase in depopulation

Please, not in a few more months,
Deliver on the promise.

Thank you,
Leon Garcia-President SPDNA,
Ron “RC” Casias-Chair/Spokesman

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SilverPlatinum Downtown Neighborhood Association - Albuquerque

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